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Fior Furlan de Civida d’Austria which son of Mis. Benedetto, of the noble house of Liberi of Premagiaco [Premariacco], of the diocese of the Patriarchate of Aquilegia, in his youth wanted to learn about armour and the art of combat in the barriers a oltranza (to the death) of lance [spear/lance], pollaxe, sword and dagger and of wrestling on foot and on horse, in armour and without armour.

Also, he wanted know tempere [attitude/temper] of iron. And features of each weapon, both in defence and offence, and most of all the matters of combat a oltranza [to the death].

Also other beautiful and secret things which are known by very few men in the world.

And these are things very true, and of a massive offence and defence, and things you can not fail in, being so easy to do, which art and teachings were spoken of above.

-- Maestro Fiore de Liberi (from the preface to the Morgan copy of his treatise translated by Matt Easton)