Our Media
HDA Youtube Channel
American Bastone Project – Sean’s blog detailing his journey through Cerri’s bastone.

Schools in the Collective
NW Armizare – Sherwood, OR with Mike Cherba.
Sala delle Tre Spade – Newberg, OR with Jim Emmons.

Other Links
Fighter’s Against Racism – founded by David Rawlings.
Hotspur School of Defence – headed by the estimable Bob Brooks.
Historical African Martial Arts (HAMAA) – Facebook group.
Bayt Al-Asad – Facebook group for US based Historical Persian Martial Arts group. They also have a YouTube channel.
Razmafzar – Historical Persian Martial Arts group on Facebook. They also have a YouTube channel with great interviews.
Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly – Vancouver, BC, Canada. Really solid, good people.


Trattato teorico-pratico della scherma di bastone – The dual language (Italian and English) text of Guiseppe Cerri’s great stick system. All of the biographical info is in Italian, but the text of the manual itself is presented in dual-language format.
English Master of Defense – a reprint of Zach Wylde’s 18th century text on smallsword, broadsword, staff, and wrestling.
The Art of Boxing – Google Books scans of Daniel Mendoza’s treatise on boxing
Armizare – THE book on Fiore dei Liberi’s 15th century Armizare.
Burgundian Poleaxe – the best book on Le Jeu de la Hache, a 16th century poleaxe manual, out there today.