Our Media
Our RedBubble Gear store – Order the HDA logo on a shirt. School colors are technically green, blue, and tan. Feel free to order any style.
HDA Youtube Channel
American Bastone Project – Sean’s blog detailing his journey through Cerri’s bastone.

Schools in the Collective
NW Armizare – Sherwood, OR with Mike Cherba.
Sala delle Tre Spade – Newberg, OR with Jim Emmons.
Capitale Escrime – Salem, OR also with Joshua Baker & Jim Emmons.

Other Links
Fighter’s Against Racism – founded by David Rawlings.
Hotspur School of Defence – headed by the estimable Bob Brooks.
Historical African Martial Arts (HAMAA) – Facebook group for the research & recreation of martial arts of Africa & the African Diaspora.
Bayt Al-Asad – Facebook group for US based Historical Persian Martial Arts group. They also have a YouTube channel.
Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly – Vancouver, BC, Canada. Really solid, good people.
Winged Sabre Historical Fencing – Russ Mitchell’s group in Texas focusing on Hungarian sabre, fokos, & general movement training.

Trattato teorico-pratico della scherma di bastone – The dual language (Italian and English) text of Guiseppe Cerri’s great stick system. All of the biographical info is in Italian, but the text of the manual itself is presented in dual-language format.
English Master of Defense – a reprint of Zach Wylde’s 18th century text on smallsword, broadsword, staff, and wrestling.
The Art of Boxing – Google Books scans of Daniel Mendoza’s treatise on boxing
The Art of Manual Defence – Google Books scans of a book whose author was a student of Mendoza
Armizare – THE book on Fiore dei Liberi’s 15th century Armizare.
Burgundian Poleaxe – the best book on Le Jeu de la Hache, a 16th century poleaxe manual, out there today.
Russ Mitchell – here is the Amazon link to find Russ’ books on swords & movement

NOTE – when ordering gear made specifically for Historical Sword Arts, be ready to wait. Often production times (from order to delivery) can be upwards of 6 months.
ALSO – feel free to ask an Instructor if you have a particular piece of kit in mind.

SwordShop – Sword Shop is run by friend of the school Jay Maas out of Canada. Be aware that prices are in CAD.
Purpleheart Armoury – a good site for all-around needed gear

French Grip Foil – probably one of the easiest quick buys for smallsword. Can be upgraded with an epee #2 blade.
Zen Warrior Armoury – they have many options but this is a good standard. Get an epee or Musketeer blade.
Alchem Inc. – they have some Early Smallsword hilts & some Smallsword hilts. Either are good.
Feather Smallswords – these are nimble little swords. Any of their models will do.
Rogue Steel – another fine maker of smallswords.

Alchem Inc – they make a good spadroon hilt. Get the “Light Broadsword Blade”
*Most other production baskethilt broadswords tend to be too heavy for Wylde’s system. Look for keywords like Spadroon, Walloon, or Shearing Sword*

Level Up Sabers – guaranteed better than a stick. Look for the sabres marked as Dueling and get the RBG electronics package.

Protective Equipment
3 Weapon Fencing Masks – from Absolute Fencing & Purpleheart Armoury. Just make sure to get your head circumference measurement before ordering.
Alternate Mask – Blue Gauntlet also has masks but I don’t know them personally.
Gloves – these gloves provide the perfect amount of protection for the contact levels you will experience during class.