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This April 26-28 I had the pleasure of attending the St. George’s Day Exhibition of Arms in Atlanta, TX put on by Winged Sabre Historical Fencing.  This is a 2.5 day intensive training at the gorgeous Chateau South. The first night Russ taught a class on body mechanics and feeling where a weapon wanted to turn. Saturday was full of classes, taught by esteemable instructors Kat Laurange (footwork), Jim Emmons (Radaellian mollineli), and Mike Cherba (Georgian sword & buckler). I was also asked to teach and, doing my best, I taught a class on Wylde’s backsword system. Sunday began the Exhibition of Arms – each instructor fought an Exhibition bout with every other instructor, and then with every student who wanted to.

But the real value in any event isn’t the classes being taught or the bouts fought – it’s the conversations and networking in-between those classes/bouts. Not only did I get to travel to a part of the country I’d never been to before, but I got to meet and chat with many fine people. 

All in all, I would heartily recommend this event. It’s the kind of event that is rare in the HEMA-verse because there was a deep understanding of the purpose (to learn and grow) of the event. The kind of event that is highly curated and deserves to grow.

Kat Laurange – Footwork

Mike Cherba – Georgian Sword & Buckler

Jim Emmons – Radaellian Sabre

Alex Spreier – Wylde’s backsword

Instructor Bouts 1

Instructor Bouts 2

Instructor Bouts 3

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